Sep 20

ACTUAL presentations at Physmod 2013

Two of the ACTUAL PhD students Aidan Brocklehurst and Wagner Nogiera Neto presented their work at this year’s Physmod conference held at the EnFlo laboratories of the University of Surrey.

Aidan’s talk entitled “Wind Tunnel Measurement of the Source Area of a Rooftop Meteorological Mast in an Urban Area” described a possible new direction for the use of ACTUAL data; examination of source area modelling in urban areas. Source area models are used to determine the source of observations from rooftop, mast or tower mounted sensors (for pollutants, greenhouse gases or heat flux measurements). Source area models have not been well tested in urban areas and the use of a wind tunnel with building replicas provides an additional dimension to their evaluation.

Wagner introduced his copper circuit board technique (CoBoT) which uses a circuit board to provide a heat source in wind tunnel studies. The heat source can be used to experimentally determine thermal fluxes in street canyons in the wind tunnel.

Both Aidan and Wagner’s abstracts can be found in the outputs section of the site.

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