Jul 20

Visualization of wind above central London

We are experimenting with visualizations of the windspeed measured by our Doppler lidar over central London. The movie below shows data measured on 30th September 2011 when there was a strong Urban Heat Island. The movie shows how wind at various heights blows pollution around over the period from midnight to 6 am – 2 minutes in reality takes 1 second in the movie. Each red dot is a measurement “gate” where data was taken (30 metres separation), so you are seeing data from 90 m up to approximately 1.5 km. Longer streams show faster windspeeds at that height. There was a sharp peak in the windspeed at roughly 350 metres – a “nocturnal jet” – which forms with calm, cloudless conditions overnight: these are some of the first observations of such jets over London. We are really interested in looking at the relationship between jets and the Urban Heat Island.

Video: Courtesy of Dr. Adrian Haffegee – University of Reading, UK

Visualization of wind over central London as measured using Doppler lidar installed at Westminster City Council building on the Marylebone Road.

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